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We’re a growing network of career development nonprofits that provide business attire for women and men seeking work, empowering them to economic independence.





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The Power of a Pantsuit: You Can Still Use It To Fight For Women

Sheri K. Cole, Career Wardrobe Executive Director


Guest Post by Sheri K. Cole, Career Wardrobe Executive Director

Were you one of the millions of women and men who pulled a pantsuit out of your closet last Tuesday to go vote? Perhaps you went to a resale store like The Wardrobe Boutique to buy a white suit to commemorate the suffrage movement while you cast your ballot for the first woman to be President. Even if you supported another candidate, did you smile as you stood in line with your neighbors dressed up for the occasion?

Do you remember how you felt walking into the polling place in your pantsuit?

Did you hold your head a little higher?

Did you speak a little clearer when asked your name by the poll worker?

Did you feel just a little bit better while going about your day?

You might be one of the few who still puts on a suit and tie or heels to go to work every day, or you might be someone who forgot that suit was hanging in the back of your closet. Surveys show that the majority of professionals are no longer required to wear a suit to work. 

Still, you can’t deny the power of a pantsuit.

As Executive Director of Career Wardrobe, a nonprofit organization that has been providing professional suits to women transitioning to work for 21 years, I followed the #pantsuit social media feed with a great interest because at Career Wardrobe, we understand the power of the pantsuit… we see it every day. 

It won’t change your skillset or your background, but the pantsuit we give to a job seeker at Career Wardrobe is a great equalizer. 

The pantsuit makes her feel more confident in her ability to ace a job interview. And it helps him forget about his background for a moment and believe that he deserves a supervisor position.

The pantsuit has power.

If you felt that power the last time you put on your professional suit, please consider how you can give back to organizations like Career Wardrobe who are working to empower unemployed people in our communities every day. 

Your donation of a suit doesn’t just outfit a person looking for work… it EMPOWERS them to hold their head higher, speak clearer, and see a future of independence.

Don’t have a suit to give or want to give more than a suit? There are so many ways to give back and do something powerful!

Shop! Every sale at The Wardrobe Boutique resale store supports Career Wardrobe’s programs.

Volunteer! Have a few hours a week to give back? Bring your friends, colleagues or children with you to sort clothing donations at one of our monthly drives in Fairmount, East Falls or the Mainline. Sign up to volunteer!

Donate Money! Organizations like Career Wardrobe don’t run on clothing alone. Donate $50 or more this holiday season in honor or memory of someone in your life. 

Learn more about our work and how you can support people in your community at www.CareerWardrobe.orgNot local to Philadelphia? Find a group like Career Wardrobe in your community at  Click here to see a complete listing of ACDN Members.

Employment Coaching Creates Top Performers

Trina Fleming, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, WHW

WHW has provided employment readiness services to the unemployed and underemployed since 1993 helping over 70,000 job seekers to successfully navigate the process of getting a good job with the goal of achieving economic self-sufficiency.   Today, the average job search can take nine months or more, but the organization has found that while getting the job can be a struggle, some of their clients are lacking in the skills that it takes to adjust to a new company culture and be successful in their new position once they get the job.  

The first 90 days of employment is almost always crucial for new employees and while most employers understand that new hires need time to adjust, they also take note of just how they go about it. There is usually a lot to learn in a new position, from colleagues’ names to company policies, but the things new employees don’t do during those first 90 days can be just as critical as the actions they do take.  Two of the biggest mistakes often made by new employees is failing to adapt to a firm’s corporate culture and not asking enough questions. 

WHW recently launched a new program, “Top Performers,” which matches newly hired clients one-on-one with executive coaches who will help them successfully walk through their first 90 days of employment.  The purpose of the coaching is to increase confidence in adjusting to the new position, troubleshoot any obstacles or issues clients may face in embracing a new company culture and equip them with some of the tools needed to grow and expand in their new role.  One Top Performer participant said, “My coach has been extremely helpful!  He encourages me to think critically, allows me to see things in a different perspective and holds me accountable for doing the things I say I will do!  This has been a great resource for my professional development!”

For more information on WHW’s Top Performer Program, please contact Robyn Williams, WHW Director of Programs at

ACDN Member, WHW, is a non-profit organization which provides the unemployed and underemployed the skills and resources they need to get and keep a good job.  Since 1993, they have served over 70,000 job seekers referred by over 275 partner agencies at no charge.  Each year more than 8,000 job seekers participate in programs focused on equipping them to be the most marketable candidate for the job they seek.  Programs include Employment Readiness Workshops, Computer Training, Job Placement Assistance, Employment Retention Support and Professional Apparel.

WHW has been a member of the Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits (ACDN) since 2004. 

Contributed by Trina Fleming, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, WHW