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We’re a growing network of career development nonprofits that provide business attire for women and men seeking work, empowering them to economic independence.

What to Wear on the First Day of Work




What to Wear on the First Day of Work

Anisha Bhasin Mukherjee & Shrada Mehta, Co-Founders, Dress for the Day

The hard part is over: you nailed the interview and got the job. But you’re not out of the woods yet; now you have to figure out what to wear on your first day of work! Luckily, DRESS FOR THE DAY has got you covered. We’ve selected the perfect outfit for men and women to make sure you’re dressed to impress as you start your new gig! And best of all, the pieces we’ve chosen are very wallet friendly so you won’t be making any dents in your new paycheck. For more outfit inspiration, don’t forget to check out our website and mobile app!


You’re still making a first impression with your new co-workers and managers, so it’s best to keep it conservative on your first day while still showing a bit of your personality! This means no short, tight clothing or overbearing jewelry, hair or makeup.

Opt for some chic, black slacks like these that fall just above the ankle. Pair with a printed, button down blouse like this for an elegant touch, while still adding color. Next, go for a structured handbag like this one, which is stylish enough to make a statement, yet practical enough for your commute.  Some classic gray pumps like these will quickly become your closet staple and easily go from day to night. Finally, finish the look with delicate drop earrings like these and a perfectly peach lip color here. Voila!  



Unless instructed otherwise by your supervisor, there’s no need for a suit and tie on your first day. However, jeans and sneakers are a definite no, so it’s all about striking the perfect balance.  

Start with some navy blue slacks like these, which go with just about everything and can be worn year-round. Wear with a classic, checkered button down like this one. Don’t forget to accessorize with a nice belt and some cap toe oxfords like these. Finish off with a subtle scent like this and you’re good to go!